The most prestigious place of Turkey...

It is the unique place of entertainment culture that keeps the old tradition alive. Gunay Restaurant, which is the most elite place of the entertainment life of Istanbul and the only place for the live music, is continuing to enliven the feature of being the stage for the best ones. It offers the quality entertainment for your taste every night with its rich menu selections, expert personnel, unique tastes and with its stage performances.


Gunay Restaurant committed itself to convey the of quality entertainment culture over ot the next generations in the best possible way through this sense of obligation it bears. “Gunay Night Club Nights” where leading local and foreign stars take the stage, are awaiting you every Friday and Saturday nights.


20 March | Friday


Make your invitations real at the magical stage of the stars!

You could transform all of your private invitations, meetings and organisations over to the unforgettable nights that would have been dreamed of in our place that has capacity of 500 people in sitting form and capacity of 700 people in coctail form. The exclusive atmosphere of the Gunay Restaurant could be ideal choice for all of your organisations for persons between 200 and 500 whether it would include a programme or not. You are invited over to the Gunay Restaurant to transform all of your private invitations and organisations over to unforgettable memories and to spend unequalled nights together with the stars of Turkey and of the world with its long established experience, with its professional team and with unique tastes it offers from the world cuisine throughout the four seasons of the year.


A Wedding Like a Dream...

Gunay Restaurant, which aims that special day when you would take a step for the brand new life would be unforgettable, promises you a flawless wedding organisation for which every detail ranging from table arrangement to the flowers, from menu selections that will be special for you to the wedding cake, from lights to the music would be thought for delicately.


Meetings, Seminars, Trainings and Launchings

Gunay Restaurant, which possesses all kinds of infrastructure and equipment that would be required for every kind of meetings and organisations you would request as corporate entity, would offer your company exclusive experience through the activities it provides.

Banquet / Catering

The kitchen of the Gunay Restaurant will also be at your service, which carries over the unique Istanbul tastes over to the present times, during the activities and meetings you would organise at the Gunay Restaurant. This would extend up to the offerings you would select yourself apart from the wide range of meals as well as traditional Turkish snacks and tea and coffee that would be served during the breaks of the meetings.